• Upcoming Event: Cork Harbour Festival (June 4th-5th, 2016)

    June 4th-5th, 2016 – Two of the harbour’s largest events will bring a jam-packed holiday programme to the city and county this weekend as part of Cork Harbour Festival. An action packed Ocean to City on June 4th is followed by a day of harbour exploration and adventure with Cork Harbour Open Day on June […]

What is MaREI?

MaREI is a marine and energy-based research, development and innovation hub based in Ireland. We combine the expertise of a wide range of research groups and industry partners, with the shared mission of solving the main scientific, technical and socio-economic challenges across the marine and energy spaces. MaREI delivers tailored technological solutions to companies through the delivery of its industry-led research programme, providing innovative solutions that reduce the time to market, and reduce costs to a competitive level […]


The nucleus of MaREI originates from well-established marine and energy-based research entities distributed throughout Ireland. The PI team comprises internationally recognised experts in these fields from UCC, NUIG, UL, MU, UCD, and CIT, who have complementary research backgrounds key to providing the underpinning research necessary for Ireland to achieve commercially successful marine and energy industries. The multidisciplinary nature of these groups reflects the breadth of expertise required to create a national-scale Centre to support the R&D requirements of the marine and energy industries, both in Ireland and abroad. […]


Through their involvement in MaREI, each of our Partners is exposed to some of the most cutting-edge research developments and innovations across the marine and energy spaces, and interaction with other MaREI Partner Companies can lead to significant synergies and cross-fertilisation of ideas. In this regard, MaREI provides a one-stop shop for industry to carry out research and development activities, and the possibility to generate strategic relationships that open doors to new opportunities and into new sectors. MaREI is always interested in engaging with new industry partners, ranging from SMEs to MNCs. […]

Associated MaREI EU Project Profiles

  • leanwind
  • MINATURA2020
  • AquaSpace
  • Aquacross
  • RiCORE
  • DTOcean
  • geowave
  • Commonsense
  • marinet